A diverse team

Pillar Labs is a diverse team engaged in a variety of work from early idea exploration and product development to thought leadership. We believe in the collaborative nature of discovery and progress.

We are constantly seeking talent on a national and international level. We welcome people who can contribute to driving our latest projects forward, add value to our team, and work well in an agile environment.

The Team

David Siegel
David Siegel

David Siegel co-founded the Pillar Project and 2030. He is a web-pioneer, author, and serial entrepreneur, with over 35 years of experience in technology, web design, and personal data management.

Daniel Roka

Daniel Roka is a mathematician and software developer. He is an advisor to blockchain projects, founder of a small blockchain education center in Budapest, Hungary. He regularly works on decentralization, liquid democracy and the peer to peer economy.

Al Sherriff

Al has worked for 25 years in financial services technology and standards at many levels and has latterly focussed on the application of decentralisation to the industry.

Tone Powel
Tony Powell

Tony has spent more than a decade in startups. Most recently he’s built a business that works with companies like Microsoft, Plantronics, Informatica, Cisco, WPP, Social Junction and others to get more value from innovating where people meet technology and technology meets data.