About Pillar Labs
Driven by Experimentation

Our Vision

Pillar Labs is the research and development group of the Pillar Project. Our goal is to explore new technologies, build prototypes of future features, and share ideas that are core to our mission. As the Pillar Project builds the world’s easiest-to-use wallet platform for consumers, we tackle technical challenges and create solutions that advance Pillar as a leader in the decentralised economy.

Pillar Labs is a team with diverse capabilities offering an extensive selection of services from early product design and research to practical business and consulting services. We are interested in partnering with companies and institutions to help create proof-of-concept validation for their blockchain-based solutions.

We are driven by experimentation. We are focused on the future.

Pillar Wallet

Fiat currency in the Pillar wallet

We are working with a strategic partner firm to give Pillar wallet users the option of easily transferring fiat currency between users, and within the Pillar wallet ecosystem. Every tokenised Pillar pound is backed by a corresponding Pound Sterling that can be redeemed at any time. All fiat currency will be held by trusted and regulated financial institutions and monitored by an external auditor. We want to move fiat currency onto the low-cost, fast financial rails of the new global digital economy.

Prescriptions in the Pillar wallet

Today in the US, doctors send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically. The patient who picks up the prescription from a local pharmacy is often unaware that pharmacies charge vastly different prices for the same prescription medications. Every day, customers lose millions of dollars simply by choosing the wrong pharmacy. We are building a proof-of-concept system to accept and fill drug prescriptions on the Pillar wallet for US customers.

eCommerce in the Pillar Wallet

We are working on a bridge between existing eCommerce systems (Woo Commerce, Shopify, Magento, etc.) and the Pillar wallet allowing users to purchase products through the wallet. This is a step towards realising a decentralised life where the services and products you are looking for come directly to you. We have an initial proof of concept for this, and are quickly moving on to a prototype.

Other projects


We are working on a new blockchain-based platform for tickets: issuing, tracking, using, records, etc. This will be for all kinds of tickets, from prescriptions to airline tickets to concert tickets and much more. Our goal in this project is to provide the foundational infrastructure for tickets for these industries, so that they can all use one common standard and people can trade tickets across vendors.

Digital Asset Standards Association (DASA)

We are leading a project to develop a worldwide quity token standard that will power stock markets for the 21st century. We are bringing together people from Europe and the US to collaborate on a new token standard that can serve the needs of all corporations, from the newest start-up to the largest publicly-traded shares. This token standard will work with existing trade and settlement infrastructure as well as future systems. 

White Label Wallet

Our white label solution allows companies to use pre-existing pillar infrastructure for their own business. We are actively looking for a marketing manager with experience in software and sales, who can work with on this project. Please contact [email protected] for more information. 


Speaking Engagements

We believe in an open, decentralised economy that is accessible to everyone. Our aim is to engage in strategic research and thought leadership that works towards advancing this ideal.

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Design and Development

We partner with companies and institutions to help design and develop proof-of-concept validation for their blockchain-based solutions. Our areas of expertise include:

Token Economics
White papers
Proof of concepts
Government and Public Sector Consulting
Citizen services
Governance and voting
Stable coins